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Free Community Activity

Sponsored by the City of Livermore

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Meet L'more, the Basset Hound (or "Asset Hound").  He'll be your guide as you explore

Livermore's Carnegie Park 

(2155 Third Street)

sniffing for passwords and learning about your community-owned assets.  Assets include things like roads, traffic signals, pipes, buildings and more.

This free community activity is sponsored by the City of Livermore and is designed to guide you through an immersive, augmented reality walking tour of Carnegie Park. You will need to download and use the free app "TaleBlazer" on your GPS-enabled smartphone or other device. 


The app will guide you to seven locations throughout the park. Once you find each destination, take a fun quiz to learn about the nearby community-owned assets. Find all seven locations and submit an electronic gamecard for a chance to win prizes.

Click here to get started with 

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This is not a race or competition. You can participate in this activity any day of the week or time of the day (allow approximately 1 hour to complete). Once you start, you can take a break and continue whenever you're ready. And, it's dog friendly! Submit your completed gamecard at the final location to be eligible for prizes.  

You can also enter our photo raffle for an extra chance to win prizes and be featured on the City of Livermore website and social media accounts. Entering the raffle is easy. Just take photos of you or your group along the way. Then post pictures on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and tag @CityofLivermore 

(just make sure your account is set to public so we can see it!). Facebook and Instagram stories will not count as contest entries.

To report a problem with the game, please call 925-960-8001. 



  1. Download the TaleBlazer app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

  2. Open the app, accept the Terms of Use, and allow the app to access your location AND camera. 

  3. Tap on the three lines in the upper right corner.

  4. Tap on "game code." 

  5. Type in the code GOKARTA, hit "submit," and on the next screen choose "download."

  6. When you enter the game you will see a map guiding you each destination (one at at time). The blue dot shows where you're at and the red dot shows your next destination. 

  7. The "player" tab at the top is where you will find these instructions if you need a reminder along the way. 

  8. Arriving at each map location will cause a popup to appear. The screen will include the name of the stop, information about the location, and lead you to a quiz question. 

  9. The correct answer is the "password" to the next destination. 

  10. Follow the apps directions and walk around Carnegie Park to all seven destinations. Then you'll be prompted to complete an electronic gamecard for a chance to win prizes. 

  11. Tell your friends about this fun adventure!

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